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METAL GARDEN FENCE - Rolls of Metal Garden Fencing Wire

These metal garden fence rolls are engineered to contain or exclude all animals including chewing animals. There are different types and opening sizes of metal garden fencing wire for different applications.

Size explanation example: 2 x 150 refers to a roll of fencing that is 2 feet wide by 150 feet long

Details: Metal Garden Fencing Rolls

We specialize in small opening size, lighter gauge nearly invisible fencing- here's why:

  • The smaller the opening size, the higher mix of animals you will be able to keep out or in - larger animals like coyotes have a tough time getting the leverage with their teeth needed to chew into a small opening size metal fence
  • We don't sell any fencing with an opening size greater than 2". Large opening size fencing, metal in particular, will catch and trap animals and cause them to get hurt. For example: animals caught in fence - if you have ever had to take a live or dead animal out of your fence you understand the importance of this
  • You can achieve the same overall fence strength with a greater number of thinner wires. For example, four strands of thinner wire is just as strong as 2 strands of thicker wire - in fact, sometimes it's actually stronger per foot depending on the twists or welds.
  • It's less visible - some animals, deer in particular, will try and jump a fence if they can judge the height. This is a good example of why a chain link fence is the wrong choice to keep deer out. You can take this same principle and apply it to other types of thick strand fencing, typically 12ga or 14ga wire like 2 x 4 welded wire mesh, farm fence or field fencing.

Metal Garden Fence Roll Types

Critterfence Steel Web: 1" opening black PVC coated hex mesh 18ga after coating. Sometimes called steel web or metal hexagrid garden fence. This material is a more heavily galvanized, thicker, black PVC coated version of hex wire found in stores. This is a premium product with approximately 1000 pounds of breaking strength per foot.

Aside from the lifespan of this fencing, customers choose this metal garden fence / metal farm fence material because of the small opening size. With a 1" opening size you can exclude or contain a broad spectrum of animals. Makes a great coyote barrier and rodent barrier.

Not very visible from a distance

Heavy but still manageable by one person, able to be shipped by Fedex Ground

It's often used as metal garden fencing because it's chew proof, has a high breaking strength, will last at least 20 years and is not very visible.

This material makes a great rodent barrier and is the same material found in our garden fence kits.

Critterfence Steel Grid: 1/2" opening (also available in 1" x 1") black PVC coated galvanized square welded wire mesh. 18ga after coating. This is a premium, heavy duty product engineered to exclude even more animals like snakes, moles/voles, chipmunks and more. This fence material is roughly twice as heavy as our steel web fencing but still nearly invisible from a distance.

Please take a look at the items below separated by type. More information as well as many photos can be found within the description for each item. If you have any questions please email or give us a call.

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