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Deer Fence

We specialize in the highest quality and most effective deer fencing and deer fence systems to keep deer out – nearly invisible from a distance – to blend in with your landscape and nature.

What makes our deer fence different?

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Deer Fence Comparison

We offer the best, highest quality, most effective, nearly invisible, longest lasting and strongest deer fences for you to compare on the market. Here's why:

Compare Deer Fencing Materials

We only use the BEST poly heavy duty rolls of ASTM lab tested semi rounded strand Critterfence deer fencing mesh with 700, 800, 1100 and 1400 pounds of breaking strength per square foot and up to 25 years of useful life.

Comparison information: invisible deer fence - Poly deer fencing can be suspended from both posts and trees. Poly deer fencing is flexible and can flex when trees grow over time or move in wind. Deer fence mesh through trees is nearly invisible from 25 feet away.

Metal Deer Fence

The best small opening size mesh (1" and 1/2") black PVC coated galvanized steel metal wire deer fencing, engineered to exclude or contain a wide spectrum of animals including deer for up to 25 years. This high-quality wire deer fencing is also nearly invisible from a distance. Note: most of this fencing is also pool code compliant depending on your local municipality.

Deer Fence Kits

Surrounding a garden, backyard area or the complete perimeter of your property? We specialize in no-nonsense complete do-it-yourself nearly invisible deer fence kits that just work. We also have a large professional deer fence installation network of installers and have been doing this longer than anyone. Our deer fence kits have been designed so you can install a commercial grade fence for yourself without hiring a fence contractor or using machinery.

Options include completely removable kits for seasonal protection, fence kits with climb protection, gates of all sizes up to 24 feet wide, wire tensioning, deer fence height up to 10 feet and more. Installed examples of this same design and deer proof fence system can be found at the US Military Academy at West Point, Cornell University, Binghamton University, the University of Rhode Island as well as other universities, arboretums, vineyards, farms and anywhere else with deer.

Deer Fence Kit Cost

We stock and supply these materials wholesale direct to customers throughout the US and have the lowest prices. Buy with confidence, we will meet or beat prices on like products. Buyer beware! Not all deer fencing and related deer fence supplies are the same. We only ship the most effective and highest quality materials.

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Deer Fence

Deer fence is used to enclose small garden areas, backyard areas or complete perimeters with a solution for the driveway including deer grates. We have spent years installing each of the above and can provide you with what you need to get the job done right the first time.

An effective deer proof fence is completely invisible from a distance and strong enough to withstand pressure from deer and other wildlife. We've installed, compared and tested nearly all deer fencing types on the market; the materials available on our website are the best available and the same deer fence supplies that professional installers use for their customers.

Notes about the strength of deer fence: Most of what you find elsewhere in big box stores is deer netting you can break apart with your hands or is too visible and not suitable for deer exclusion. Compare: If you can break it with your hands it won't work well as deer fencing.

Electric deer fence notes: Single strand electric wire fences, which may work for a short time, will eventually fail and do not make good deer fences there is no comparison. Electric fence is great for farm animals that you can train to not touch a fence. Wild animals don't know any better and will run into the fence and break it. Also, most deer fences are through wooded areas. Any debris like a tree branch will cancel out an electric fence. This is commonly promoted by online research but in our experience, does not work well. For example: this page has deer fence information NC Wildlife Resources Commission but still is contrary to feedback from our customers (some of the cited solutions just don't work). The best deer fence is one that will repel any size deer running into the fence at any speed. Alot of the information found online through sources of authority unfortunately are not accurate anymore (in our opinion, from our experience - please form your own opinion).

Notes about how visible a deer fence is: If a deer fence is too visible, deer will try and jump it. The key is to create a fence that's strong enough that deer will bounce off the fence, but not too visible where they can effectively judge deer fence height. A good example of a bad deer fence is a chain link fence with a top rail, or bar at the top. The bar at the top is a clear benchmark for deer to try and clear when jumping.

Notes about opening sizes of deer fence mesh: If you install a fence with large openings, deer can get stuck in your fence and get hurt and possibly die. This happens most often with heavy gauge welded wire, field fence or farm fence that gets installed as a deer fence. We do not suggest any deer fencing with an opening size greater than 2"x4" for this reason. For more information, try searching for "deer stuck in fence" in Google or Bing search.

Properly installed and designed deer fences can be used to keep deer out or in (there are farmers that raise deer on their farms) where deer fence height plays an important factor. These fences also work well for animal containment.

Deer fences also help control ticks and the diseases they carry, like Lyme Disease. University studies have shown that over 10 years tick counts were reduced by more than 90%. Some customers specifically install deer fencing for the purpose of tick control to keep themselves and their pets healthy. Ticks and the diseases they carry are very dangerous. Tick control information page: Tick control with a deer fence.

Have plans to build a fence? Let us help you build the best deer fence on the market. Lean on us for expert advice and professional assistance. We have a network of nationwide deer fence installers if you need installation in some areas.

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