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Square Metal Fence - Less Than One Inch Opening

  • Over 1500 pounds of breaking strength per square foot minimum
  • 30 year average lifespan
  • 3/4" or smaller opening
  • Welded wire mesh - hot dip galvanized, then black PVC coated for long life. This is unlike most welded wire which is electro-galvanized.
  • 17GA after coating 19GA before coating minimum
  • Easy to work with and lighter than our 800 or 1100
  • Ships in full length rolls individually wrapped or in cardboard boxes
  • Heavier per foot than most other products
  • Much heavier than poly deer fence - usually not used in heights taller than 5 foot but can be stacked and seamed with a hogringer hand tool.
  • These fence rolls are typically used to keep in or out the smallest animals. For example: moles/voles, snakes and any animal small or large. This material is sometimes used as a heavy duty chew barrier for larger chewing animals like dogs. Dogs have a tough time getting leverage with their teeth because of the small opening size of this mesh.
  • Available in 50 foot and 100 foot rolls in different heights up to 5 feet

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