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    This sleeve auger works in 3/8 or larger electric drills or hammer drills. The bit is 30" long and will pilot a hole 1 3/4" wide (slightly smaller than our post sleeves which are 1 7/8).

    This attachment is a helpful time saver if you have multiple sleeves to do. Although not perfect, early customer feedback has been great to the point where they have said we should offer this attachment to all of our customers.


    1) fits in most electric or cordless drills

    2) most drills have a level built into them, you can easily pilot a straight hole for sleeves

    3) faster than using a san angelo digging bar to pilot each hole

    4) helps with frozen ground


    1) the auger will not pilot through rock - small rocks can cause the spinning tool to bounce around

    2) the auger is not very heavy duty - we would consider it a one time use attachment for up to 100 sleeves before the tip and tines are no longer effective, much less if you have many rocks

    3) the shaft of the auger is round - If you have heavily compacted soil or frozen ground the drill you're using has to have a strong clamping effect or the bit will spin in the drill chuck


    A great tool to have and to use for most customers. If you have rocky soil or heavily compacted soil, it may not work as well for you. When in doubt choose a proven, more manual solution:

    San Angelo Digging Bar

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