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    100ft fence kit designed to retrofit your existing fence with 1 foot of additional height and climb protection.


    • 1 4 x 100ft roll of Critterfence 700 poly fence mesh 1 3/4" opening size
    • 12 no-climb fence extenders for chain link fences
    • 24 stainless steel ratcheting clamps to secure extenders to vinyl fence posts
    • 1 8" fence ties 100pk, 120lb breaking strength


    The hardest part of retrofitting a vinyl fence is finding a way to secure the bottom of the poly fence mesh to the vinyl fence after the extenders are up. You can use included fence ties but depending on the slat spacing of your vinyl fence that may not work. You can't staple anything to vinyl without it cracking. Please send us a photo of what you have and we can try and help.

    These retrofit extenders will gain you approximately 12" of additional height. They are installed by attaching to your existing fence using ratcheting hardware. Once installed, poly fence mesh is suspended from each extender creating an overhead canopy animals can't climb over.

    Suggested finished height (highest point of extender on post) is a minimum of 6 feet. Otherwise, animals may be able to jump from the ground to the canopy. For the same reason, be sure to move close by items (like a gas grill for example) far enough away.

    If you have nearby trees, try our tree guard kits to prevent tree climbing.

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