Vancouver Island 800 Reinforced Bottom

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Darrin L wrote, "Recently completed our fencing project here on Vancouver Island, British Columbia where we have a heavy deer population. My wife loves gardening, so we’ve landscaped our back yard, and prior to putting up the Critterfence, we had up to seven deer each evening eating away the various plants.We needed a fence that was not obtrusive and unsightly, as we back onto a road in our controlled subdivision. The Critterfence 800 product in 8’ x 330’ roll was just the ticket to cover our 50’ x 150’ back slope. Since the install, we haven’t had a single deer on our property, even though they walk the outer perimeter looking to gain access. We’ve had nothing but positive feedback, from people I the neighborhood, about the great look of the fence. To soften it out and blend it in, we used split rail cedar at the bottom – and as you can see, the fence is barely visible from only a few yards away! We’re very pleased with our purchase and thank you for a great solution to our deer problem." Thank you Darrin!

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