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Hi, thanks to Jonathan for his nice words and photos.

Jonathan used two different types of fencing. For his first project, he used 6 foot Critterfence Steel Web, a 1" opening size steel that's galvanized then black vinyl coated. The second project used increments of a garden fence which uses rolls of Critterfence 1100 a high breaking strength all poly fencing.

"Thank you to Critterfence and their staff for great fencing products. Doug and his staff are very helpful, knowledgeable, and will take the time to answer tons of questions and phone calls if need be. Critterfence prices are on par of if not way better than all the other deer fence companies online. I first installed 450' of 5.5' finished height metal hexagrid fence through the woods for a partial dog enclosure and small/medium sized wildlife exclusion. It was so easy to install after a few questions and doing a few feet of it and it also blended right into the background. After the great looks, ease of installation, and substantially cheaper cost I opted to fence my garden area with 4' 700 poly and rest of my yard with 4' 1100 Poly over much more expensive and complicated install wood fence I planned on. The finished product is great and I love how all the fence basically blends in. If you are unsure if this is right for you, go ahead and order. You won't be disappointed. Thanks again."

"450' of metal hexagrid deer fence using a mix of metal posts and trees. For comparison the first photo is approximately taken at 7' away and the second is about 15-18' away. It truly blends in unless you are extremely closeto it and blends more once the foliage grow in."

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