Critterfence 800 With 3ft Steel Web Base

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A good example of a deer fence for a customer in CT. The fence disappears through a tree line with or without leaves on the trees. In the last picture you can really only see the fence by finding the white flags we hung on the fence. They're pieces of white surveying tape hung to prevent deer from running into the fence for the first few weeks by accident. This customer has Critterfence 800 poly fence mesh paired with a Critterfence Steel Web metal base. The fence is overlapped and staked to the ground 6". They were concerned with excluding deer and wildlife but also containing their small dogs. We chose to show these three photos because they are a good example of how from a distance the fence isn't very visible and blends in well. In the last photo the fence runs from the middle right of the photo to the left. It's there just hard to see!

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