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This above DIY Deer Fence graphic illustrates the standard way customers install our deer fences. This DIY deer fence installation is easy, proven effective and can be installed permanently or made temporary / removable with our patent pending ground sleeves with set screws. No special tools are needed. 

Ground sleeves are thick wall lengths of tube that are machined into a point. They have a stop to prevent the post from going all the way to the bottom and also weep holes for drainage. Because of the machined aspect of the ground sleeve (they are not round at the base) ground sleeves set in concrete are much stronger and better over time than fence posts put directly in concrete. As concrete cures over time, it dries and shrinks. Round posts in concrete will spin and eventually can be pulled up and out of the concrete. In addition, ground sleeves insulate against frost heave - they can move slightly while the inserted post stays straight. 

This Pro DIY Deer Fence Installation example illustrates how a commercial grade version of our deer fence is installed. Two levels of tension cable are installed in a loop format through post cable collars with tensioning connectors. This is the same way we have been installing this type of deer fencing for our customers for over 20 years. Different types of fence material can be used in different configurations. Although still an easy DIY project, specialized tools are used. This type of installation is not a good choice for customers that want a removable deer fence.

Please visit our home page for more DIY deer fence information Deer Fence 

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