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With Rodent Barrier

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These are the standard fence kits that most customers use to exclude deer and wildlife. These kits include a rodent barrier metal base or are all metal and are designed not only to keep deer out but other smaller animals, like rabbits and woodchucks. Each of these fence kits include extra fence material to overlap on the ground facing outward that is staked to the ground every 4 feet approximately with ground stakes. Each of these kits can be installed permanently or made removable for seasonal protection. This means if you decide to you can leave the post sleeves in the ground and roll up the rest of the fence material. This can be important for leaf removal, large equipment access or tilling ground for a garden.

Post sleeves are 31" galvanized inside and out lengths of tube that are formed to a point with a weep hole for drainage. They are driven into the ground with a sledge hammer and driving anvil (included with each kit). Posts then telescope inside each sleeve. Basic post/sleeve photos:



After sleeves and posts are installed, fence material is attached to posts with fence ties. Fence ties are also used to connect fence material to fence material. Most ties are 120 pound breaking strength self-ratcheting fence ties. Fence ties are basically heavy duty zip ties that are UV protected.

Tie cutting and pulling tools are available separately here: fence ties and tools 

Matching access gates are availalble in different sizes including large driveway gates and found here: deer fence access gates 

The kits below are 100% effective at excluding deer and other wildlife. Customers have been using this basic, no nonsense design for many years and are very happy with their results. These kits are also easy to install by a typical homeowner or handyman using basic tools.

For commercial applications, areas with extreme deer pressure or customers that are raising deer on their farm the structure of each of these kits can be reinforced and improved. This means adding corner posts, bracing, tension wire, tensioning connectors, cable fittings and attaching the fence material to cable with hogring fasteners.

We are the largest professional deer fence installation company and have been doing this longer than anyone. If you need help selecting materials outside of what we include in our kits, please fill out the fence materials quote form or give us a call and we'll figure out what you need: request a quote 

We're also happy to install a fence for you: deer fence installation service

Bulk pricing on multiples of the same kit: buy 4-6 take 3% off, buy 7-9 take 5% off and for purchases of 10 or more kits take 10% off. This is in addition to all other discounts. Use multiples of the same kit to get the linear footage you need. For example, if you need 400 linear feet use four 7 x 100 kits (7 feet tall by 100 feet long each) or if you need 580 linear feet use two 7 x 300 kits (7 feet tall by 300 feet long each). There are different sizes and strengths available in different kits.

Fence kits 5 1/2ft tall and less are considered garden fence kits and located here: garden fence kits

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