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Why choose us?

We offer the highest quality, least visible, most effective, longest lasting and strongest fence materials on the market.

  1. ASTM lab tested rounded strand poly deer fencing with 700, 800 and 1100 pounds of breaking strength per square foot with up to 25 years of useful life. Also, all metal nearly invisible fencing.

  2. No-nonsense complete DIY deer fence kits that just work. We are the largest professional deer fence installation company out there and have been doing this longer than anyone.

  3. COST. We stock and ship these materials ourselves directly to customers throughout the US and have the lowest prices anywhere!

Deer Fence Info

Deer fencing is used to enclose small garden areas, backyard areas or complete perimeters with a solution for the driveway. We have spent years installing each of the above and can provide you with what you need to get the job done, homeowners and contractors alike

An effective deer fence is completely invisible from a distance and strong enough to withstand pressure from deer and other wildlife. We've used and tested just about everything. Most of what you find elsewhere you can break apart with your hands and is not suitable for deer exclusion. Please give us a call we're happy to help with your project.

Specific Wholesale Deer Fencing information Garden Fencing designs, Cat Fencing installations and Dog Fencing kits.

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