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Metal Fencing Rolls

This category page lists all of our DIY metal fence rolls

For example, a metal fence roll listed as 5 x 150 is 5 feet high by 150 feet long.

Different strengths, heights and opening sizes of this fencing are used for different reasons. This metal cat fencing can be used as a stand alone fence or as a chew barrier paired with our Critterfence poly fence rolls.

Note on opening size: we specialize in small opening size fencing to keep animals in or out. This type of fencing is also not very visible from a distance and will disappear from 25 feet away. Fence mesh with opening sizes greater than 2" can trap and hurt animals, for example: animals caught in fence

Metal Fencing Height

There are many factors to consider when deciding what height to choose:

Is snow and ice load a concern? If yes, choose fencing 1 foot taller. When snow and ice collects, even under load your fence will be tall enough.

Are you excluding deer and other wildlife? The suggested height is 7 feet to 7 1/2 feet depending on the size of your area.

Metal Fencing Opening Size

  • Critterfence Steel Web: 1" opening size, black PVC coated galvanized great to keep most animals in or out
  • Critterfence Steel Grid: 1/2" opening size (also available in 1" x 1" opening size), black PVC coated galvanized, keeps in or out most any animals including moles/voles and snakes

Metal Fence Rolls:

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