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Metal Dog Fence

This category page lists all of our metal dog fence rolls

If you are looking for a complete dog fence kit, or poly fence rolls - or are unsure of what you need, here's a good place to start: Compare Dog Fence

Metal Dog Fence
Dog fence rolls of different types

Fence rolls are listed by height x length - for example, a metal dog fence roll listed as 6 x 150 is 6 feet high by 150 feet long.

Different strengths, heights and opening sizes of this fencing are used for different reasons. This metal dog fencing can be used as a stand alone fence or as a chew barrier paired with our poly fence rolls.

Note on opening size: we specialize in small opening size fencing to keep animals in or out. This type of fencing is also not very visible from a distance and will disappear from 25 feet away. Fence mesh with opening sizes greater than 2" can trap and hurt animals, for example: animals caught in fence - this can also apply to your dogs if you use mesh with a 4" opening size, like field fence or farm fence for example. It also applies if you're using a fence not only to keep your dogs in but other animals out.

Metal Dog Fencing Height

There are many factors to consider when deciding what height to choose:

Is snow and ice load a concern? If yes, choose fencing 1 foot taller. When snow and ice collects, even under load your fence will be tall enough. You can also add tensioning - please see notes below in red. 

Will your dog or dogs paw up on the fence with force? You may want to also increase the height to account for slight pull down or add tensioning to your dog fence. Our dog fence kits with tensioning for example include two layers of cable - one at the top and one towards the bottom. This tensioned cable holds fence up when anything pulls down on the fence. It also holds tight when dogs for example use their nose to push up under a fence to get out. 

Do you want to keep out other wildlife including deer? If you're going through the time and expense of putting up a fence, consider a 7 foot or 7 1/2 foot fence. Not only will you be able to keep your dog in but most other animals out. Wild animals carry ticks and their hazardous diseases, for more information: dog fence tick 

Metal dog fence bottom
Overlap and stake fence to the ground (inside) to prevent your dog from going under a fence

Metal Dog Fence Opening Size

  • Critterfence Steel Web: 1" opening size, great for most dogs and small animals - black PVC coated galvanized
  • Critterfence Steel Grid: 1/2" opening size (also available in 1" x 1"), keeps in or out most any animals including moles/voles and snakes - black PVC coated galvanized

Below are the different types of dog fence rolls only (just rolls of fence customers use for their dogs). If you need a complete kit, or help choosing what you need, please start here: Compare Dog Fence

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