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Steel Web Hexagrid Deer Fence 1x1

  • Up to 1000 pounds of breaking strength per square foot
  • 30 year average lifespan
  • 1" approximate hex shaped opening size
  • Woven twisted wire mesh - hot dip galvanized, then black PVC coated for long life. This is a heavy duty version of traditional chicken wire which is electro-galvanized and not PVC coated.
  • 17GA after coating 19GA before coating minimum
  • Engineered for fence to soil contact
  • Similar in use to our 1" opening square metal fence only less strong
  • Ships in full length rolls individually wrapped or in cardboard boxes
  • Less expensive than square welded wire products
  • Heavier than poly deer fence
  • Available in many different heights in 150 foot long rolls and 100 foot long rolls

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