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Deer Fencing - Rolls of Deer Fence Material

This is our category page where we list our different strengths of rounded strand poly deer fence material in different sizes. This fencing is typically used to create a deer fence, or any fence where you want to keep animals in or out. For example: using rolls of fencing to keep deer out or creating a high strength fence to keep deer in (customers that raise deer on their farms, deer containment).

Roll size example: 8x 100 refers to a roll of fencing that is 8 feet wide by 100 feet long

Details: Deer Fencing

These rolls of poly deer fencing, or deer fence are shipped full length and not folded in half. Folded, flat strand material is usually without structure and not suitable for deer containment or exclusion. Our fence material has structure and when unrolling stands up on its own and is not floppy like soccer net material.

It's important to note that not all of this deer fencing is made the same way. If you can pull and break a sample with your hands it's not going to keep deer out, or contain them.

Rolls are shipped wrapped in black plastic for protection during shipping.

All of our Critterfence brand fencing is a rounded strand design. This is different than most of the poly deer fence material on the market which is flat strand.

Our rounded strand deer fencing is:

  • Stronger per pound
  • Less visible
  • Lasts longer in sunlight
  • Stretches less and has more structure
  • More difficult to tear - holds up better in windy environments

Flat strand plastic fencing has a 3-7 year useful life compared to 15-25 years for rounded strand. Note: if you can break poly fence material with your hands it is not suitable for use as a deer fence.

These rolls are shipped with one finished edge and one bottom edge. This means that the top is smooth without burrs or prickly ends to cut your hands.

For more information on our fence material compared to everything else on the market, please visit our page: invisible deer fence

These rolls are also not sold in stores. We exclusively ship directly to retail and wholesale customers our product.

Critterfence 700 - certified 650 pounds of breaking strength per square foot and 15 years of useful life

Critterfence 800 - certified 750 pounds of breaking strength per square foot and 20 years of useful life

Critterfence 1100 - certified 950 pounds of breaking strength per square foot and 25 years of useful life

If you have any questions please email give us a call, we're happy to help with your project. We're the largest installer of this type of specialty fencing and have been doing this longer than anyone.

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