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Metal Deer Fencing

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The metal deer fencing we offer is called Critterfence Steel Web. It's a 1" opening black PVC coated galvanized steel hex mesh with about 1000 pounds of breaking strength per square foot and a 25 year useful life. This material is close to 18ga after coating and is a premium high quality product. There are other types of this material marketed on the internet but they are not the same.

The key this product is the overall weight of steel used, the galvanization/zinc content and the PVC coating. We have replaced fences for customers where like product was used and it literally fell apart after 3 years. If the steel isn't galvanized properly water will wick up into the steel by way of the PVC coating and cause it to rust prematurely. Buyer beware!

Poly on top Critterfence Steel Web on bottom

Rolls of this metal deer fencing are most often used as a stand alone deer fence material or as a small skirt to protect the base of poly deer fences. In the photo above, poly fence mesh is on top and Critterfence Steel Web on the bottom.

Disadvantages: Heavier than poly fence mesh (harder to handle), not as easy to suspend from trees, may require more posts and corner bracing if tensioning, more expensive than poly mesh

Advantages: A great chew barrier, exclude coyotes, rabbits, woodchucks and more. Long lasting, high strength, not very visible from a distance and has a small opening size (will meet pool code compliance in almost all US states)

This material is also great for customers that have dogs also looking to exclude deer and wildlife.


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