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Poly Deer Fencing

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If you're looking for the strongest, least visible, longest lasting poly deer fence material in the world you're in the right place. We are the largest deer fence installation company out there and have been doing this longer than anyone. This is the only material we use or recommend to our customers to install themselves. We also stock the most of this material than any other company, shipping from CT, MD and CA.

Rolls of poly deer fencing material to make a deer fence

For more specific information about the differences between our fence material and everything else out there, please visit our page: invisible deer fence 

Poly deer fencing highlights:

Highest breaking strength per square foot by weight

Lasts the longest in sunlight with built in UV inhibitors, deer fence longevity: Critterfence 700 deer fence 15 years, Critterfence 800 deer fence 20 years and Critterfence 1100 deer fence 25 years

It has structure and stands up on it's own (not floppy like soccer net material) and doesn't stretch too much

It has a finished edge that is laser cut without burrs to cut people or animals

Shipped full length and not folded! Deer fence rolls are shipped in black plastic as in photo above

We offer three grades of Critterfence Brand rounded strand poly deer fencing: Critterfence 700, Critterfence 800 and Critterfence 1100 and they are found here:


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